Microphone Repair

Our Services; What we Do

  • We are Specialists

We specialize in all types of large diaphragm condenser microphones. We receive microphones sent to us from all over the world. Our clients frequently arrange to drop off their malfunctioning microphones if they are in the southern California area, but we will service your electronics wherever you are.  We have clients all over the world.

  • Electronic Detectives

Our favorite part of troubleshooting is the chase.  We do not give up easy. Stuff breaks. You kick it and hit it until it works for a little while longer and then the day comes when it finally dies, and then you shed a few tears and you say: “That was my favorite piece of Sh–“.  Well we can usually fix it.

  • Components

We use only the highest quality components available on the planet, and when there is soldering to be done we use a high silver content solder that is only obtainable through the aerospace industry. We have a very fast turn around time – usually around a week – largely due to the fact that we don’t spend time doing heavy modifications.

  • Our philosophy

If you want your Neumann U 87 to sound like a U 67 then go buy a U 67. If you want your Chinese microphone to sound like a German microphone then go buy a German microphone.  But if you have a broken microphone and you love it, we’ll restore it to it’s original quality. 

  • Specific Services
    • Capsule Repairs
    • Electronic Analysis
    • Cleaning
    • Full Microphone System Re-builds
    • Capsule Re-builds
    • Tube Replacement

We do capsule repairs, cleaning and full microphone re-builds. Some capsules need to be sent out for rebuild, we are only set up to do certain types of diaphragms, sometimes that requires a little extra time. We have had a lot of success in restoring the original diaphragms and capsules rather then replacing them.   We will baby your microphone  and return it to you in the best possible working order.  

  • Tube replacement

When replacing tubes if possible I always try to find the highest grade tube possible and then have it Black Sable cryogenically treated. It has been my experience that this process eliminates some of the very low level noise and annoying popping. You can read about this process by visiting this link to The Tube Depot 

  • Diaphragms

A common misconception is that just because your microphone capsule cuts in and out does not necessarily mean the diaphragm needs to be replaced. In matter of fact we have been able to repair 90 percent of the original large diaphragm capsules that came with your microphone without having to replace them.